D'Helic Empire

The D’Helic Empire is ruled with an iron fist by Emperor Supreme Kardan D’Helic. This dwarven nation is known for being ruthless and at times almost barbaric. However they are generally a good people forced to live around some of their fiercest enemies. They are overall friendly to the other races of Zev’Nin unless you sympathize with the Orcs, Goblins, or Giants that are always at their gates looking for a way to seize more of the dwarves mountain stronghold of an empire.

Life in the D’Helic Empire is a life of hardships. The dwarves rely heavily of their neighbors of the Kingdom of Niln for food, while the Empire provides constant protection from northern invaders from the Giant strongholds in the northern wastes. The D’Helics are also known for their grand spectacles that they hold in their capitol of Stonebrin. The Grand Collisium is home to many amazing shows from gladiatorial games to shows of magic and even a circus to celebrate the Emperors birthday.

Dwarves from D’Helic are generally peaceful unless threatened, and most take great pride in defending their lands, knowing full well that their heroism often pushes back threats to all the lands of Zev’Nin, a knowledge that they freely point out to outsiders. D’Helics are far from xenophobic, welcoming in nearly anyone for some warm ale and a good tale around the hearth. They are incredibly intolerant to Orcs, goblins, giant and any who sympathize with them, for the D’Helics have been fighting off their kind for thousands of years and have learned to never trust them. They are extremely welcoming of their Elven and Eladrin neighbors, so much so that many border towns to the Kingdom of Niln have had their mountainous tunnels carved out to be far taller than usual to make their taller neighbors feel more comfortable when visiting.

The Dwarves of the Empire, as they like to call themselves, favor the Fighter, Paladin, and Warlord classes. Many also take up the Bard class as every dwarf loves a good tale of their ancestral battles with the mighty giants and barbaric orcs.

INSPIRATIONS Roman Architecture, the collisium in Rome.

D'Helic Empire

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